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ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART is established in 2014. The brand is dedicated to promoting unique art from the Netherlands around the world. In essence, it is a network that Dutch painters, sculptors, designers and other creatives can join and exhibit their work in associated galleries worldwide. There is also a very special ‘look and feel’ associated with the ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Galleries, that translates into a unique environment in which to enjoy and purchase art.
minds. Over the The first ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Gallery opened in Woodstock, Vermont (USA) in September 2014. It was carefully designed to reflect one of the brands key characteristics: creating an opportunity for visitors to experience art in a special environment of space, peace and silence.

The rooms are quite unlike those of traditional art galleries. They are decorated in unique and different ways, with comfortable sofas, chairs and coffee tables, inviting you to relax and enjoy the art at your own pace. The almost museum-like atmosphere of relaxed spaciousness does full justice to the work of the artists, and to viewers’ and potential buyers’ experience of it.

Work now included in the Artemis Global Art Collection are paintings from Ton Schulten and Gert van Reenen, and sculptures from Jan Pater. This work is regularly supplemented with pieces from ‘guest artists’, who are considering joining the ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART family.

The second ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Gallery is scheduled to open in Bénahavís, Malaga, Spain in Spring 2022.