Gert Van Reenen

Gert Van Reenen

A colorful artist

His lyrical abstract paintings are very outspoken. Clear and warm colour combinations sometimes are quieted down to almost monochrome pieces with luminous counterpoints. This results in a certain austerity preserving the strength with dynamic colour strokes in monumental compositions.

Large movements build up tension using direction, line elements and refinement. His use of the material and texture remain robust and expressive. He enjoys creating large canvases.
The forceful pallet of Gert is clear and fresh and mirrors the sounds and colours of his journeys to Greece, Mexico , Bonaire , the French Provence and Spanish Marbella. Therefore, his works radiate energy and joy of life, it warms and inspires the beholder. His contagious ‘joie de vivre’ splashes from his paintings.

The lyrical abstract work of Gert van Reenen

Is it the sunrise in Bonaire? A Spanish beauty dancing the flamenco, or maybe a tulip? Who knows?
It is certain that the lyrical abstract work of Gert van Reenen (1935-2018) triggers the beholders imagination, astonishes. His use of colour, paint and his monumental compositions are unique and expressive. Warm colours, large surfaces, accurate detail and always the same result: surprise, vitality en vivaciousness.

His works are big, robust, energetic and colourful. When describing the artist you would use the same words. As a former rugby international and former owner of several restaurants, he already left his mark.
After taking a painters’ course some Thirty years ago, Van Reenen became fascinated. ‘I was only drawing a coffee can using charcoal, but it was a start.’
‘I started taking classes and after about five years I made friends with the artist Peter Schenk. A painter I deeply admired. Two of his paintings were displayed in my favourite restaurant and they touched me deeply right away. He taught me ever so much. On his advice I started painting nudes, hundreds of them, with full force. Lot of colour, lot of paint, more and more.’

Gert van Reenen is the archetype of a painter who, without academic education but purely on instinct, became one of the most well-known lyrical abstract painters in the Netherlands . The strength of his work lies in his courage and his energy. ‘I’m not afraid of colour, I’m not afraid of the material and more importantly, I’m not afraid of the result.’

Gert van Reenen has had several exhibitions. The Flehite Museum in his place of residence Amersfoort in the Netherlands dedicated a solo exhibition to him. The monumental dynamic and sensual work of Gert van Reenen contains contagious enthusiasm. No one will remain unmoved by the ‘joie de vivre’.

He draws inspiration from his journeys to Greece , Mexico , Bonaire , the French Provence and Spanish Marbella. Van Reenen: ‘When I return from Bonaire or Spain it shows in my work. From Bonaire I take the oranges, the blues and the grey tones, from Spain the ochre’s, yellows and the splashing reds.

Gert concludes: ‘I present the beholder with the canvas, the composition, the paint and my energy. It is up to him what to make of that. Painting is exhilarating because I love paint itself, I love the material and I love to slosh paint on the canvas.

This is typically how we would like to remember Gert, artist and enjoyer of life in all his down-to-earth glory.

“Monumental, dynamic, sensual”