Jewelry must have a soul

Jewelry that seduces the senses


Designer jewelry is a piece of art

Inspired by the beauty of nature, langani combines carefully selected materials in distinctive compositions, which ultimately serve one purpose:
To emphasize a woman’s individual style, charisma,personality, and beauty that is what makes langani unique.

Langani made wearing fashion jewelry glamorous. Fashion jewelry was long considered a pale imitation of fine jewelry until Langani made it an accessory for any occasion.
Handmade in Germany for over 60 years.


Small, handcrafted works of art for amateur and connoisseur.

True to the addage „they are still there – the good old things“ langani carefully crafts each piece of jewelry individually by hand.
Inspired by idea, understanding of form, and material a small team of designers creates 2 collections per year. With an astounding eye for detail unique pieces of jewelry arise in charming colors and shapes.

Most customers are collectors, not just buyers. The atelier in Stuttgart has stood for quality and experience for over 60 years and proves that it is still possible to be successful with handwork in Germany.
Traditional craftsmanship with zeitgeist.

A family business

A jewelry story.

A fascination with the beauty of small things would not leave Anni Schaad alone. She passionately collected everything she found charming: delicate shells, colorful feathers, glass beads, sequins, bizarre pieces of wood, beautifully marked stones, and much more…

And this passion became her vocation. From her maiden name, Anni Lang, langani was born, and a small black pearl became the distinctive mark for the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece of jewelry.
The fascination with collecting unusual materials has long since passed to Anni Schaad’s daughter Susanne Kiess-Schaad.

With curiosity, a thirst for discovery, and a team of young designers, she, too, is tirelessly looking for something special, now worldwide.

And the story continues…