The Artists

Artemis Global Art


Ton Schulten

Ton Schulten depicts the beauty of creation, and the magic of the moment – such as the day’s awakening. He captures the tranquil, inner magic of the early sunrise; he paints a world of calmness, a world in which man and beast are still in slumber. His houses are places of refuge; sailboats are symbols of searching, longing. He paints a Garden of Eden.

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Jan pater

Jan Pater is a sculptor who does not search, but finds.
When he starts working on a sculpture he starts without aim, purely from his feelings to expression, supple and free in interaction with the material.
He mainly works in stone or wood. The female torso is his source of inspirations. She gives him the opportunity to combine movement, tension and sequences of surfaces and lines into a combination of recognizability and abstraction.

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Gert van Reenen

His lyrical abstract paintings are very outspoken. Clear and warm colour combinations sometimes are quieted down to almost monochrome pieces with luminous counterpoints.
This results in a certain austerity preserving the strength with dynamic colour strokes in monumental compositions.
Large movements build up tension using direction, line elements and refinement. His use of the material and texture remain robust and expressive. He enjoys creating large canvases.

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Michael David

Abstract painter Michael David is best known for his use of Encaustic, which incorporates pigment with heated beeswax.
He discovered Encaustic while studying at Parsons School of Design in New York in 1975; David says of the medium, “I loved the immediacy of the process, the physicality, and how I was able to embed objects and create narrative in abstraction. I felt it was a perfect actualization of myself through painting.”
Considered an inheritor of Abstract Expressionism, David’s abstract work primarily centers on the use of a densely layered surface to facilitate a direct and immediate spiritual experience.

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Inspired by the beauty of nature, Langani combines carefully selected materials in distinctive compositions, which ultimately serve one purpose: To emphasize a woman’s individual style, charisma, personality, and beauty. That is what makes Langani unique.

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