Jan Pater

Jan Pater is a sculptor who does not search, but finds.

When he starts working on a sculpture he starts without aim, purely from his feelings to expression, supple and free in interaction with the material.

He mainly works in stone or wood. The female torso is his source of inspirations. She gives him the opportunity to combine movement, tension and sequences of surfaces and lines into a combination of recognizability and abstraction.

Jan Pater alternates working in The Netherlands and Italy and exposes among other things in The Netherlands, Belgium and Norway.

Jan has worked at Studio Sem in Italy since 2003 when he was awarded a yearlong residency by the Dutch foundation Utopa to work in Italy.
His focus was and still is today, the torso. He experimented with a variety of stones including onyx and granite, using stones with bold veining or extravagant colour. With each successive trip to Pietrasanta his work became more minimal, abstract and elegant.
The once round undulating volumes of his first torsos have become more geometric and linear with harder edges and flatter planes. His forms sometimes feel like a calligraphers brush, reinventing the figure with one single stroke.
He exhibits frequently inĀ Belgium andĀ Holland, dividing his time between the latter and Pietrasanta. He has successfully translated some of his more iconic sculpture into delicate, elegant jewelry using semi-precious stones, silver and gold with additions of diamonds. Jan is always surprising us with new forms combined with unique stones in his search for the essential.