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ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART provides an international platform where the work of Dutch painters, sculptors, designers and other creative souls is exhibited in Artemis Galleries worldwide. There is a very special ‘look and feel’ approach associated with the Artemis Galleries, resulting in a unique environment for art to be enjoyed, appreciated and acquired.

The first ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Gallery opened in Woodstock, Vermont (USA) in September 2014. It was carefully designed to reflect one of the brand´s key characteristics: creating an opportunity for visitors to experience art in a dedicated environment of spaciousness, peace and quiet.

The Artemis exhibition rooms are quite different from traditional art galleries. They are decorated with comfortable sofas, chairs and coffee tables, inviting you to relax and enjoy the art at your own pace. The ambiance of relaxed roominess allows for full immersion of the work of the artists and the experience of viewers and potential buyers alike.

A new Artemis Gallery has recently opened in Marbella, one of the leading locations in Europe for luxury residential real estate. The opening of an Artemis Gallery in London is under evaluation.

In Ootmarsum a great new place has now been found to meet & greet ‘our’ artists and admire their work.

So, an encounter with the art that Artemis is promoting worldwide can now also be experienced in its new gallery in Ootmarsum, famous already for its many galleries of well-known Dutch artists.

ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART is based in the former Ton Schulten Museum in Ootmarsum at Kerkplein 17. Ootmarsum is also the hometown of Ton Schulten, one of the first Dutch artists Artemis had the privilege of promoting in the USA.

Jan Pater, one of the most outstanding Dutch sculptors, has received international acclaim as one of the first Dutch artists Artemis had the honour of representing abroad. A selection of his sculptures is now also on display in Artemis’ new gallery in Ootmarsum.

Among the artists represented in the ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Collection are not only Ton Schulten and Jan Pater but several other very interesting Dutch artists such as Gert van Reenen and ‘guest artists’, who are considering joining the ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART family.
I hope to see you soon!
Monique Slot