ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART is joining forces with NOVA ART CAFÉ

By 01/04/2024April 17th, 2024News

The second Artemis Global Art Gallery opened in Bénahavís, Malaga, Spain in Summer 2023. ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART created the opportunity for you to experience ‘space, peace and silence’ in its new gallery in Bénahavís, Malaga, Spain. Situated in the beautiful surroundings of Monte Mayor, a magnificent natural setting that spans over 330 hectares of land, we established the Artemis Global Art Gallery consisting of two floors and spread over beautiful spacious rooms.

Michael David from the USA is our first guest artist bridging ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Woodstock, Vermont, and ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Benahavís, Malaga, Spain.

Among the Dutch artists represented in the Artemis Global Art Collection are Ton Schulten, Jan Pater, Gert van Reenen and in due time ‘guest artists’, who are considering joining the Artemis Global Art family.

And now, a new exiting collaboration has been created in joining forces with NOVA ART CAFÉ as of Spring this year!

NOVA ART CAFÉ, offering breakfast, lunch, an early tapas dinner, and a fine food grocery store, will be an asset to the Monte Mayor community and a win-win situation for both ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART and NOVA ART CAFÉ.

The Gallery and the Café will be open 7 days a week from 11AM to 17PM. On behalf of the whole ARTEMIS GLOBAL ART Team,

I hope to see you soon,

Monique Slot